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Girls Money & Sexy Snaps: What Really Happens When A Girl Strips Naked For A Photographer?

Girls  Money & Sexy Snaps: What Really Happens When A Girl Strips Naked For A Photographer?
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Girls Money & Sexy Snaps: What Really Happens When A Girl Strips Naked For A Photographer?

Written in Holmes' own inimitable style. Jam packed with information and laced with stories of naked girls and what they and the photographers get up to. Holmes talks frankly about his models in a way that may shock some, yet all the incidents are true. He talks about money. Where it comes from and where it goes. Who pays for what. How to get other people's money to send you abroad. How to find models and how to undress them. He talks of under aged girls and others who literally get sexually turned on by the camera. The information just keeps coming. Information that is designed to help anyone take pictures of pretty girls. Lighting, posing, equipment, portfolios and much more. This book answers many of the questions that you need to know before you take your next set of pictures. 'I've been reading your book in bed and my wife couldn't understand why I kept shaking. No! Not what you think. Just me trying to hold back the giggles about something you had written.' P.K. Scotland.

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Product Details:
Author: Nigel Holmes
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date: May 14, 2007
Language: English
ISBN: 1419668226
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Product Weight: 0.56 pounds
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 11 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

27 of 28 found the following review helpful:

3Creditable first effort  Aug 07, 2007
By Peter Chapple
Holmes' work is a creditable first effort with some amusing anecdotes and worthwhile advice, but it is more of a collection of anecdotes rather than a "how-to" book. The writing style is simple and direct making it easy and accessible reading. It suffers from a high number of typographical errors which reflects poorly on the editing and proofing.

17 of 19 found the following review helpful:

3Books About Photography Should Always Include Some Photographs  May 24, 2008
By James R. Holland "Author, Photographer, Photo Diarist"
Like many potential readers of this book I'd never heard of Nigel Holmes. That being the case, I find it difficult to know just how much authority to give the author/photographer credit for. A photographer writing about photography should always include enough samples of his or her work to allow their readers to judge the quality of their advice. After reading the volume I did find it amusing in many parts and the photographer/author seems to know what he is talking about. One of the tip-offs to his knowledge of his subject is that any photographer who has done much work with nude models does discover that it no longer turns him on. He is so busy concentrating on the details of his nude or erotic photography that he doesn't have time to play voyeur. Like most types of photography, it takes constant and careful attention to the task at hand to achieve the desired photographs. There isn't time to act like a dirty old man or even younger pervert. The photographer is simply too busy trying to get his model to relax and direct her expressions and body language to bring out the pre-visualized photograph. He also has to pay attention to the minor details in the entire photograph's composition or he may spend untold hours trying to correct the image through PhotoShop.
However, anyone who has studied photography in art school learns quickly that people who are the most articulate about the many meanings of their images are often only defending poorly done and lousy photos. With such photographers it's almost a fact that the less successful the photograph, the better the verbal arguments of denial. Too many people, critics and even museum curators, can talk a great picture but can't really produce or sometimes even recognize them. While this book did include a cover photograph which wasn't too bad "a snap" as the author calls his work, and some postage stamp-sized pictures on the back cover of the book, they are too small to really tell how good they are. For some reason, instead of photographs the book is illustrated with black and white cartoons that are intended to be amusing. Too bad. They reminded me of the movie "Roger Rabbit." Photographs would have worked better in the same space. And the book is printed on high quality paper that would have allowed good photo reproduction. The book is also written in Australian and reminds the reader of "Crocodile Dundee" talking, which isn't all that bad, mate, for conveying the author's "down under" humor. That's only an observation about the book and not a criticism of its readability or understandability. One should read the book but take the advice with a grain of salt until they find out more about the skill of the photographer/author. The book also cries out for a photograph of the author at work. Is he simply so handsome and good looking that would-be models find it impossible to turn down his requests for nude photos? What does he look like? Without some sample photographs the reader has to wonder if they are learning from a real expert on the subject or just reading a bunch of Crock from some bloke on the other side of the world. This reader is going to see if I can locate any of his pictures on the Internet. Then I'll have a much better idea of how good the "how to" advice in this book really is.
Maybe that rule should be forever inscribed on a stone tablet in the great marble photography temples on Mt. Olympus, Mt. Nikon, Mt. Canon, etc.? "Thou shalt not write or publish a 'how to' book on photography without including some samples of Thy own photographs."

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

3Fairly good read, but a little unrealistic  Dec 09, 2008
By John C. Lucassian "Fashion Photographer and Intelligent Consumer"
Entertaining, but the title is a little misleading. This book is almost a guide on how to become a photographer for Men's Magazines, not really a story, but a collection of anecdotes and information on how to get started as a photographer of nude women. One thing stuck out to me in this book - Most photographers will never send their photos to a publisher. Period. Very true, but even if they did, most would never get the work that Nigel does. Even fewer would be able to make a living from it. I know he's out to sell a book here, but the last thing the photography market needs is another thousand shutter bugs with no business sense running around pretending to be not only photographers, but glamour photographers.

6 of 9 found the following review helpful:

4Laugh and learn at the same time  Apr 30, 2008
By Weijenberg
Nigel tells it all. From making money from scratch (as he did)to being at the top (as he is). Clear and precise, not without looking at himself, he tells stories of models and photoghaphers and their interaction. As sometimes is and how it should be. In very readable language Nigel grants us a view into the fashion and glamourworld, as being not all joy and fun, but also not entirely without it. The Jekyll and Hyde character of the profession of model or photographer, the tension, the pressure, it's all in this book. Beauty photographer should read this. It's good reading for models too....

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

3Please use an editor  Nov 09, 2009
By Swingin' Tiki
It was a fairly interesting read, but the typos and incorrect grammar were very distracting.

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