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Harry O'

Harry O'
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Harry O'

Harry O’ is the story of a college professor’s career spanning four decades of teaching at a small Michigan college. After fighting for laboratory space and for a suitable program, his social life comes next. He is always on the lookout for suitable female companionship defined as a fishing buddy as well as a bed partner. A young librarian’s nesting instincts frighten him off. A school teacher is not a good fit, but her unplanned pregnancy leads to a brief, tragic marriage. A sailing instructor, re-appears and joins him on a camping-fishing trip to Yellowstone, but returns to an old flame. A lovely senior art major enhances his libido, then graduates. Harry has published research, written books, and has an endowed chair, but his social life is still anemic. At last he meets a beautiful, recently divorced woman, considerably his junior. Sparks fly. His lonely post–retirement month fishing in New Zealand convinces him to propose and a Las Vegas marriage comes off without a hitch.

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Product Details:
Author: Harr Henry E. Klugh
Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date: June 11, 2008
Language: English
ISBN: 1419695681
Product Length: 0.63 inches
Product Width: 7.87 inches
Product Height: 5.16 inches
Product Weight: 0.68 pounds
Package Length: 8.0 inches
Package Width: 5.25 inches
Package Height: 0.67 inches
Package Weight: 0.9 pounds
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