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Naked in Haiti: A Sexy Morality Tale About Tourists, Prostitutes & Politicians

Naked in Haiti: A Sexy Morality Tale About Tourists, Prostitutes & Politicians
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Naked in Haiti: A Sexy Morality Tale About Tourists, Prostitutes & Politicians

Ingrid is a social worker, a morally upright, even uptight woman out to save the poor people of the world... until she encounters a sex tourist. He is sleazy, thinks prostitution is Woman's gift to Man, and interested in buying sex from as many females as he can. However, things are not as they seem as Haitian politics revolve around the only export-earning business: the Florida Club, which is a brothel. Is this book a sexual come-on? Is it political and social satire? Does it advocate prostitution or damn it? Find out.

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Product Details:
Author: Dan King
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Anina's Book Company
Publication Date: November 16, 2006
Language: English
ISBN: 1877053198
Product Length: 5.25 inches
Product Width: 0.46 inches
Product Height: 8.0 inches
Product Weight: 0.47 pounds
Package Length: 8.0 inches
Package Width: 5.2 inches
Package Height: 0.7 inches
Package Weight: 0.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 2 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 2 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

3Nicely voyeuristic. Often sexy. Sometimes thought provoking.  Feb 16, 2008
By Gen Falel "Gen"
Here's the setup of this true story: The author (who claims to be a college prof from the U.S.) goes to Haiti on a 'business trip' so he can get some extramarital nooky as a sex tourist.

As he's going there, he meets a female U.N. social worker and decides, when asked, to play it straight with her and tells her openly what he's doing.

He's in Haiti to have lots of consensual and recreational sex with willing female adults who will enjoy his company in exchange for money.

She's horrified and curious, asks if she can watch him pick up the girls, and makes a point of learning what she can about the situation as part of her 'sister solidarity.'

"Sister Solidarity" is her phrase, and it's a pretty nice one; I wish she'd written the book.

Our actual author, however, is probably a teacher at an agricultural mechanics vocational school in Texas. His writing has no life, his insights are juvenile and a chore to read, and only the subject matter carries the story.

The subject, however, is as interesting as sex always is. Haiti's government, governors, and headline national news incidents all have personal walk-ons into the book.

The book manages occasional moments of high interest intrigue, sexy interludes, and philosophical questions. In the hands of a better writer, it could all have been interesting to anyone.

As it is, it's interesting as a vicarious trip into an area of very hazy morality. If you think fantasizing about this could be fun, skim this book.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Giving underprivileged young women careers in sales  Aug 08, 2014
By Chloe H
Naked in Haiti is an interesting fiction jaunt about a man who engages in sex tourism, a phrase that's merely the stuff of Dateline specials for most of us. All the while, there's a stuffy feminist social worker named Ingrid who our narrator shares his exploits with, and she surprisingly turns out to have further promise than just reacting with shock and disgust to the protagonist's perceived use and abuse of poverty-stricken Haitian women desperate for money.

Myriad conversations debating the morality of this act ensue, and they make some interesting and thought-provoking (if controversial) arguments. The experiences in picking up hookers, how strip clubs work, and the general seduction of women were all of some voyeuristic interest to me, given that they are completely foreign to me as a woman. Clearly, Ingrid felt the same way.

Without ruining the book, our indignant advocate for "sister-solidarity" doesn't take long to reveal her inner joy and connection to her own sexuality. You may at times find yourself appalled, but if that feeling isn't appealing to you (just admit it, we all sort of enjoy it - including Ingrid), then I suggest you stick to Anne of Green Gables.

Our narrator is certainly a pig, and as a woman at times reading this felt like watching the end of Jennifer Connelly's story in Requiem for a Dream. At other times, though, it felt like a new foray into our mindset on sexuality. Maybe we're all way too uptight. Maybe the Puritans screwed us into fear and shame and women should be able to openly trade whatever they want. And, on the other side, maybe there are some things we shouldn't commodify. At any rate, you'll enjoy this thought-provoking and frequently sexy story.

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