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Sweet Farts

Sweet Farts
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Sweet Farts

Book #1 in the Sweet Farts Series. Check out book # 2 Sweet Farts: Rippin' It Old SchoolSomeone has been farting up a storm at school and everyone thinks Keith Emerson is to blame. Unfortunately for Keith, it has earned him the nickname "S.B.D." (silent but deadly). To make matters worse, Keith's dad is a self proclaimed "Fart Machine" who really stinks it up at home. With the science fair quickly approaching, Keith decides he has had enough. He comes up with a science fair project idea to turn the foul smell of human gas into something sweet smelling. The idea lands him in the principal's office, and in big trouble with his mom. With the help of his little sister Emma, his dad, his crazy grandma, and Benjamin Franklin (great American scientist), Keith will attempt to make the greatest scientific discovery of all time, the cure for the common fart.

Book Details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 1/1/2008
  • Pages: 142

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Product Details:
Author: Raymond Bean
Paperback: 142 pages
Publisher: FBAPowersetup
Publication Date: 2008
Language: English
ISBN: 1439201307
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Product Width: 5.24 inches
Product Height: 7.99 inches
Product Weight: 0.4 pounds
Package Length: 7.9 inches
Package Width: 5.2 inches
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Average Customer Rating: based on 342 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 342 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

83 of 85 found the following review helpful:

5Humor and History - What A Great Read!  Feb 01, 2009
By Candace Carro
Sweet Farts
What kid won't pick up a book that has "Farts" on the cover? I know as a teacher and grandmother I'm always looking for a well written book that even reluctant readers will engage in. Well "Sweet Farts" hooks kids with a very funny story line, lovable characters (I'm especially fond of the grandma), authentic connections to science and social studies (who would have ever thought that Benjamin Franklin really DID write about farts!) and the universal theme of making the best out of a bad situation. I hope this author continues writing about Keith growing up and solving real problems.
C Carro

59 of 64 found the following review helpful:

4Great Read for Third Graders  Nov 05, 2009
By Felicia
My third grader finished the latest installment of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and was utterly forlorn. He's a good reader, but somehow he would rather play Madden 10 than pick up a book. I searched Amazon and was lead to SweetFarts. It was a fantastic recommendation! The story encompasses the frustration and pressure of being teased at school, the frustration of having to do an assignment that seems onerous and painful AND a fantastic resolution to both of those issues! With the issue of passing gas liberally sprinkled throughout the tale, it kept my somewhat skeptical third grader glued to the pages.

The vocabulary is accessible, but challenging and the moral to the story is great. I highly recommend this book to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2nd - 4th grade audience.

34 of 38 found the following review helpful:

5Great book for a young reader who likes a good laugh!  Dec 05, 2008
By Colorado Kid
GREAT KIDS BOOK! I bought this book for my nephew who is 12 and he loved it! I ended up reading some of the chapters with him and we were both cracking up. It was an easy read and really sparked his interest in reading for fun. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun book for young readers.

21 of 23 found the following review helpful:

5BUY THIS BOOK  Nov 10, 2009
By MH "forever reader"
I teach sixth grade and bought this book a couple of weeks ago. It was sitting on the shelf in my personal bookcase. Students were sneaking looks at it and begging me to read it. I read it today and now I HAVE to pass it along to our science teacher. What a great book!!! This book includes science, history,lessons about bullying, and being true to yourself. I am so impressed with this book. I think the author is a teacher who self-published. SUPPORT HIM! He is so talented. I am impressed. Here's hoping he writes more books. I believe kids (and adults) of all ages will laugh and learn something by reading Sweet Farts.

32 of 38 found the following review helpful:

4Hey!  May 26, 2010
By Terry L
Hey, this isn't a book about farts! This is a book about family and friends and stick-with-it-ness. Farts are just the medium used to pull it all together.

This is a quick-paced, well-written book that should keep its target audience's attention all the way through. It is enjoyable, comical and doesn't waste space with unneeded words that would slow the action down.

I liked it. I would give it to my kids (and, in fact, I did).

An enjoyable, quick read.

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