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We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition

We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition
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We Remember, Elvis: REVISED 2006 edition

This book has been re-released and revised with additional sections added,because after 25 years, Elvis' dignity has been torn up time after time, by people who didn't know him, judged him and what he stood for by their own imperfections, desires and delusions for what ever gain they received. He has been one of the most misunderstood and vilified entertainers of his time and for the most part after his death. In this book, We Remember, Elvis many people who did know him, who had personal contact with the man, more than the entertainer have come together to tell their stories and in doing so, let Elvis reveal himself in ways he never was allowed to do while living.

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Product Details:
Author: Wanda June Hill
Paperback: 260 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date: September 21, 2006
Language: English
ISBN: 1419658093
Product Length: 7.0 inches
Product Width: 0.62 inches
Product Height: 10.0 inches
Product Weight: 1.25 pounds
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Package Weight: 1.25 pounds
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 14 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Elvis was loved  Nov 28, 2006
By Marjorie S. Radike "love that smile"
This book written by Mrs. Hill is a joy to read. She talks about the times that she and Elvis had as friends and NOT because he was Elvis. In life Elvis wanted to be loved and this book lets me know that at least one person really loved him for himself. I would give this book 6 stars if I could!! Too many books written about Elvis end up trashing him but not Mrs. Hill's book. Thank you, Mrs. Hill for sharing this with us.

11 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5Learn about the man behind the image  Nov 07, 2006
By Laurie
This book was written by Wanda June Hill, someone who knew & loved Elvis as a close friend, and not as Elvis the star. In this book the author reveals the true character of Elvis, much of it through interviews she taped, with his consent. The interviews were done primarily in 1976 via phone & one face to face. Here we see that Elvis is humorous, appreciative of his fans, thoughtful, sometimes having an occasional "attitude", alert, aware, intelligent, and having good memory, completely dispelling the drug abuse myths. This book is well written, entertaining & insightful. It also includes the author's own story in meeting and getting to know Elvis, as well as comments from others who had the chance & privilege to get to know the man behind the image. I have gotten to know Mrs. Hill quite well and find her to be genuine & caring. Not for a moment do I think this book was done for money. She wrote this book as an honor to her dear friend Elvis & his memory. Highly recommended!

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

4We Remember Elvis  May 07, 2007
By E. Johnson "elvis fan"
I am very glad I found this book. It gives a different view of Elvis Presley - a very positive one. Mrs. Hill was a good friend -not a girl friend- from about 1963 until the end of his life. She gives a sympathetic account - one that has been long coming. (The Memphis Mafia will probably not appreciate it). The true Elvis fans will like it.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5For The Truth About Elvis Read This Book!!!!!!!  Nov 08, 2007
By Miss Hawaii Bound "Hawaiiana"
I was never an Elvis fan, but always admired him. I recently had a vivid dream about him and started to re-discover this wonderful human man again. I was so dicouraged with the info I was finding until I found Mrs. Hill's book. I thought it would be a good book to take on my upcoming trip to Hawaii so I had the book sent by expidited shipping. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful job Mrs. Hill did writing this book. She awestruck me with sharing her knowledge of this extraordinary man.

With all the other books I had been reading I had been feeling so sorry for Elvis because of what the parasites he surrounded himself with were saying about him. Wanda June Hill finally made me feel better with her honesty and first hand accounts with her friend named Elvis Presley. Thank God she knew him and chose to share what she knows about this lovely human man because she took all the confusion I felt and as if she was personally answering all my questions, put my mind at rest.

I now feel that I know the REAL Elvis because of her. To anyone wondering whether to purchase this book or not, have no qualms about it. Throw out all the books filled with lies, inuendos and jealously that you now own and replace them all with this one, wonderful book.

Mrs. Hill, I want to thank you heart and soul for writing this book. The style in which you write makes me feel as though I am sitting at your kitchen table with you having coffee and you are telling me personally about Elvis. Even though I have never even met you, I feel as though I have known you for years because of the easy way you convey your words. I devoured this book and pray that you will also write more about our beloved Elvis. This book will go into a very special spot on my bookshelf. Thank you ever so much for this wonderful gift you have written for all of us who have a desire to know the "REAL" Elvis.

Warmest Regards,
Laura From Boston, MA

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Wanda Knows Elvis, and Lets You Know Him Too!  Jan 24, 2008
By Sonya "Sonya"
I have been studying Elvis for 37 years and have read a lot of books about him. Wanda June Hill's first-hand account answers the questions that nagged me for decades that I could not find anywhere. She, in her warm and intimate style, lets the reader know just what it was like to be near Elvis, and what he thought on occasion, and how he said it. The window in, is priceless....It is a magical read that sits you down right next to him and her, as she talks with Elvis. You can almost smell his cologne...feel his touch... I laughed, I cried, It will remain a most treasured book of mine for the rest of my life.

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